Display weather icons using WCCI

Hi All
I’m trying to use JasonD “WCCI and WCCT and how to use them” code to display weather icons but my Samsung S3 doesn’t display any of the icons at all. Any idea?

The weather tags (and location) don’t necessarily “stick” to show the proper weather conditions. You can keep reading Jason’s work which is quite excellent and extensive, but the data transfer between your phone and your watch is unreliable.

In my case (Huawei), I can disable/re-enable weather data in the Facer app. My phone immediately picks up the correct location and transmits correct weather conditions (rain, temp, humidity, etc). But then, that data just stays stuck and never updates again unless I (a) manually disable/re-enable weather data in the Facer app or (b) switch to another face and switch back. I previously did a 3-day live test of this data exchange to prove it’s failure. About that WCCI / WCCT again

It is an interesting exercise to code and become familiar with the weather associated tags. But I have abandoned all weather aspects of my watchfaces. You can decide if you would like to pursue.


Hi John
thanks for the reply I thought I’m doing something wrong with my tags. Thanks a lot for your reply!

Sure! Good luck with ur faces