Displayed steps don't match actual Google Fit count

A lot of the faces I like don’t display the amount of steps I’ve taken. I’m not sure where the display is pulling the number from, but it doesn’t match Google Fit numbers. Some faces do, but most don’t. The ones that don’t all show the same total as each other though.
It’s a Ticwatch pro. I have all the Tic stuff disabled and count my steps with fit.
Anyone know anything about this?

Have you done a search of the forum - I seem to remember this topic coming up before …

Has there been a fix for the step count yet as mine is not working

There are old solutions that involve removing and reinstalling Fit from your phone. It seems to work for some, but it didn’t fix my watch. My step counter is stuck at 0 for all Facer watch faces on my Ticwatch. I also have a Fossil, and everything seems to work on that watch.