Displaying animation when published

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I’m trying to set the first frame of animation so that when the face is on display the animation doesn’t come up black. I have a few cases now that look terrible in the search results, on the web site, and in “My Designs” in the creator.
My beer watch:

Plasma Station:

I’m working on a new watch that has animated background and I can tell I’m in trouble already. there’s a ton of content in this face and this is how it looks in the creator “My Designs”

I tried taking the first frame of the animation as the top level and set the transparency to $#DWE#<1?100:0$ so it goes away as the watch wakes up but that didn’t change the display. What do you do to your frames so one frame appears when the watch is published?


Usually I keep a static frame that has transparency set to 100 at the end of the animation sequence. If that doesn’t work, you can always create a static image at the front of the animations and set it to only be transparency at 12:00:00. I’m pretty sure the default profile image is locked at that time.

Hello John @jmorga106 and @eradicator09,

partly I described this problem here in the premium designer discussion (STEP 2). It is a huge deal for any animated watch face in my opinion too. Here a copy of mentioned part:


I do not know about the other designers, but I use a lot of animations (based on #DWE#) and I wish to have an eye catching moment on the main watch face image. I do have some ways, how to reach this, however it works not on 100%. Maybe you could helps me on this :wink:. How to manage the algorithm to show the right moment?

And here is my favorite “secret way”, which is working on app. 60-70%.

1 - I prepared everything necessary to publishing (description, promo images, keywords & title) first. Then, I am going back to the creator.

2 - I start the animation run - switching the DIM Mode to Active Mode.

3 - Shortly (app. 0.1 up to 5 second) before the right moment should come I click on publish. (It depends on the speed and the speed depends on the elements and difficulty of the whole animation and complexity of the watch face).

4 - The next screen with the description etc. comes. This is the crucial moment and you need to click on the publishing button in the shortest time you can.

5 - Hoping that the right moment will be displayed on the “search result picture”.

What if the animation just runs all the time @eradicator09? @Tomas? I have one static frame at the top I set with trans=100% at just 12:00:00AM (one second) but it didn’t change the display in creator “My Designs”. Does it have to be published to show correctly?

Also how are you testing 12:00:00am? I doing $#DH#+#Dm#=0&&#Ds#=0?100:0$


Hi @jmorga106, according to loop animations I use the same process (described above).

I do not have any experiences with the 12:00:00AM Method from @eradicator09. However, if its working it could be a much more elegant procedure to “set” the “search image”. Please, let us know :wink: in the case you are testing it.

@eradicator09, @Tomas,

Ah I got it now. when you said “the end of the animation sequence” I thought you meant the last frame in the sequence. I think what you meant was to have one extra static 100% transparency frame at the bottom of the stack. Because that works just fine. Not sure why I didn’t think of that. lol duh. I fixed all of my current faces. Thanks!!


Yep, that’s my standard protocol for all my animation sequences. In a technical sense when reviewing the transparency expression for each frame, the first frame misses the 00:00:00 time period:

The first statement only has a “>” sign instead of a true “=>”, hence no frame when at 00:00:00 (or 12:00:00).

The table above is just easier to create with this method in excel and speeds up the process.

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No this doesn’t work for me. I have 15 frames keyed to 0.0666 per frame of a walking dog. So if I have one static frame then as the dog walks on the spot the static frame is visible and spoils the animation.

Can someone please help me or can Facer please please please for GS…fix the damn code and stop making things ridiculously difficult.

Can you post the draft of your design and enable inspection?

Not sure how to do that in here…?

This is the link to his watchface, looks like it has inspection enabled…

I know this probably doesn’t help but this tool helps tremendously. Once I started using it, I never had an issue with frames matching up.