#DMR# Tag not working quite right after the latest app update

@Facer_Official after the latest app update, the #DMR# tag is not rotating correctly. In the editor, it works fine, but once the face is sent to the watch, the rotation is off by about 6 degrees. I have tested this on 2 different Wear OS watches, and the same behavior was exhibited.

@killerwatchfacecreat you mentioned to me you were experiencing the same issue. Was it on your Wear OS watch? Your Gear S3 watch? Or both?

@MarauderElite All 3 of my watches, the Huawei, Mission and S3 as well. I posted yesterday on here about too. It even shows wrong in app on the preview prior to sending to the watch.

Edit… Just checked and my S3 is now fine but the Wear watches are off so just related to wear app most likely.


Thanks for the report, guys! Are you sure it was introduced in the last update? We’ll review our changes, but nothing seemed related to that tag.

Thanks for looking into the issue.

I currently have one design that uses that tag. I had synced it too my watch previous to the last update for testing, due to a layer that was hidden by mistake, and the date wheel utilizing that tag was rotating properly at that time. I actually hadn’t noticed the issue until @killerwatchfacecreat mentioned it too me, so then I started testing.

This is the design of mine currently using that tag:

@Facer_Official Yes right after the last update. I was testing a new face and it was working fine on all my watches and then the next morning installed the update and that same face and any others with date wheels were all broken.

Again this is just on my wear smart watches and not Gear S3. I actually left the one face in draft state because I don’t like to publish faces if broken lol.

@killerwatchfacecreat thanks for the report, we’re still looking into this but at this point the issue seems to be related to a difference between the way Facer for Tizen and Facer for WearOS deals with month with 30/31 days for that specific tag and not something related to an update on WearOS. You just happened to notice it after the month of November started :wink: We’ll update the thread as soon as we have more info.

@Facer_Official Actually that is incorrect. It didn’t start right when November started but on the 14th of November. On the 13th and prior, all faces with date wheels were working properly. I use my watches and faces with date wheels daily and they were correct on 13th prior to the update. Or I should say prior to me installing the update since I usually don’t update any apps right when released.

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Thanks for the feedback @killerwatchfacecreat. I’ll follow up with our engineering team with all this info and let you know as soon as we have an update.

Hi MarauderElite,

Would you mind opening Ethereal XV for review. Like to see the date and spring action.