#DmT# tag questions

I’m pretty new to this. Is there any way to make it so that when the time is on the hour, the minute string text box says “o’clock” instead of nothing?

Please reference here Tags | Facer Documentation

@Ben, I don’t see the answer to the question on that page. Read it three times just now. What am I missing?

@zackrocky123, I would do it with an if-then statement on the transparency of a new text element that says “o’clock”. Does that make sense of do you need me to provide more detail?

yes, u right, need to provide more detail :slight_smile:

I tried this with a text element that uses


However, the parser does not seem to like the ’ mark in O’Clock so it just shows a blank (without the ’ it works)

The alternative way to do this is:

Create a text element
Give its Text field the tag for minutes: #DmZ# (includes leading zero)
Give its Transparency field as: $#Dm#=0?0:100$

Create another text element and put it in the same location as the previous one
Give its text field as O’Clock
Give its Transparency field as: $#Dm#=0?100:0$

I have not done every step here as a test so post back if you have trouble