Do Dynamic Shadows make sense?

Hi guys and gals of the Facer community,

I start to get close to my first “real life watch inspired” publication, but I had what seemed like a fantastic idea, implemented it, and now I’m not so sure anymore.

The C-TIME Classico 50 is clearly inspired from the U-BOAT of the same name.
Because all U-BOAT watches have this extremely deep case, it creates a big shadow on the face which is part of the feature I really like in this kind of design.

First step: the “normal” static look:

But then, I thought: "How cool would it be if the shadows on the face actually move like in real life.
So on the link below, it looks lame and flat on a computer, but if you’re using the Android app or if you synch the face to your watch, the shadows are actually following gravity:
As if there always was a light right above your head and moving the watch shows the projected shadows.

So simple question really:

Which one do you prefer?

In other words, does the pain of creating of this logic really make any sense.


As a piece of static art the deep case shadow looks great, but in the real world probably a complicated build for little return

Thanks Hayden.
I’m with you on the effort vs. reward ratio.

So here are the published version:

Thanks for answering my question!
C&C are always welcome.

Beautiful - love these clean dials with large numbers!

I’m a big fan of clarity, great job!

Onto the next one :smile: