Do you update your design or you create a duplicate and name it as other version

Hello to all,

Wanted to ask, when you create a design, do you update it over time, or do you create a duplicate and edit it?

Because if someone likes my design as is, i don’t want to remove it from the choice.


I believe when you update it, the person keeps the watchface as is. If they choose to resend the updated watchface, then they will recieve your updated version. In general, don’t worry about it.

I update but duplicate the original first.

Reason being once i was updating an age old watchface, I had updated it countless times before and then all of a sudden facer flagged it as copyright. At this point you lose it, it is no longer in your list to edit or even address the copyright issue. at least you can fall back on your original version if it was duplicated ;).

If my update is successful i simply then just delete the copyl.

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