Does anyone design requests?

Nice! well done.


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Wow that is awesome. Such great work.

have you already downloaded from this page to your watch @dfreejr ?
I would like to ufficially publish it and so I sent ad email to Edgewoord Fire Dept to get their permission but I have no answer and so I cannot move from draft to pubblic profile.
I made a new watchface with free logo and I will publish it.
Let me know

You are good to ahead and officially publish it. I love the face and wear it daily.

Hi im new to this and not sure were to ask when you create a face do you have to use a laptop

hi @rikman150 the short answer is yes. The Creator is fairly large (size and resolution). I think you are best served on a desktop/laptop as opposed to a small mobile device.


I do use my phone sometimes, Samsung Note 5 with Chrome and desktop site selected. There is a bit of a learning curve however. I highly recommend using some sort of laptop or desktop for the majority of your work but simple things or tweaks can easily be done from a phone or tablet.

I totally agree. It’s amazing how people are just willing to help out and come up with formulas, expressions, images and design ideas. I like working within this community, I’ve always felt like I wanted to design things, (and I’ve done flyers, magazine layouts, photography and interior design as hobbies) but haven’t had much time lately to get serious. Dipping my feet in the water, I guess you could say, I’ve had fun making watch faces and looking at the amazing designs within this Facer Community. It’s fun, and allows me to express my creative side, while also admiring the wide range and scope of designers who do this for fun, profit and entertainment.


I hear ya, my favorite hobby. Just working on making it a career.