Does anyone design requests?

I have a watch face that I have been trying to design but found out I suck at doing. I know there alot of talented people on Facer so I was just curious if anyone takes requests.

I have designed for other users before but it depends on what you’re looking for. What did you have in mind?

Oh ok awesome. This is what I was looking for.

Google Photos

I too have done requests. Would be curious to know what you had in mind.

Google Photos

That is a good looking watch! Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to help you if you’re looking for a replica.

Does it have to be exactly the same? why not something that’s looks kinda close but it’s your own design?

It’s Halloween time so your design, with regard to the Citizen face, could be… hauntingly familiar.

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I like that line of thought haha

No it doesn’t have to exactly the same just something similar. I am a firefighter and there are very few if any thin red line watches. That’s just a watch I have always liked and wanted something like it but I am not very good with designs or anything like that.

any chance you have a graphic or logo of your house? Like one of these shields?

Or we could go generic shield like this:

I was going in this general carbon fiber direction. The graphite dial plates could also be brushed steel if you wanted silver (or gold/brass).



Something like that?!?! or maybe it is too similar to original???

That is awesome I like it

I like that it’s pretty awesome.

The only graphic I have is this
Google Photos

@jmorga106 What do you think… is it too similar in your opinion? does it seems “a clone of” or “it is inspired to” ???

I think it’s great, is a really thin line (red in this case :laughing:)…

That’s awesome, the insignia is a great touch! :+1:


Looks really good you do awesome work

You will find most all these guys(and gals) on here are very good and very helpful. They banded together to do a watchface for me when I lost my wife. You won’t find a better, more creative bunch if geniuses like all these guys!! And gals!!



this is the final version