Does anyone do commissions for faces?

OK, this is a work in progress but to show you what you can achieve with no graphic skill but a bit of knowledge of some art packages and stealing images from elsewhere The rotation maths is the hard part for me:

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Retired after 25, 15 running my own business.

Semi Truck driver now

And i’m Loving the no stress environment


Getting away from topic a bit but

That’s wicked looking @rob.fisk

But, how do you tell the time?


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You have a point about the time, I haven’t got that ar yet in the developement.

The point being is that folks here can make anything they want, even you.

If you are happy to let someone e;se to do it the more information, other than a screenshot, you can provide about what you need, and also what you don’t need on the face will help

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Well, since the “partners” do not reply to me

If I post some example watches

Without duplicating exactly of course

Can someone here make something comparable with specifics, like, I do not need steps, HR, or distance for example?

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Examples of liked styles are kind of a must have for someone to make you a face to order.


Again, taking topic on a tangent that I am sure was not meant.

I’ll create a new thread but I’m on my phone so give me a few. :wink:

I really wouldnt know where where to begin with creating my own.:grimacing:

OK, you have posted a face. What do need to be removed and what fo you need added?
Include these in the same post.But no-one will make the same face, the same way.
Also, have you contacted @LupusVindex about this? They might be willing to make a varient given time.


(I figured it would be easiest to just copy what I wrote before, as I went into deep detail) I left a comment on the watch, and I’ll try messaging him later. I’m not gonna hold my breath though as it looks like he hasn’t been on since 2016. Does what requested sound do-able? If someone wants to take on the project. Im more than willing to pay. I have zero problems with whoever putting it up for download after. Other people may be looking for the same thing!

The current one I have is near perfect. But doesn’t quite have everything. I’ll start by listing what it does perfect. I’m looking for a digital face, with seconds, and while it’s digital, I would need it to have the lines along the outside like an analog, with a small indicator to mimic a second hand. (I hate analog faces, but need a small counter as I need to count pulse and respirations for my job) my current does this perfectly. I want a number % with both watch and phone battery left. The date, as well as which day of the week it is. I’d like steps. The current location temperature, with a hi and lo, plus that locations name. (I don’t need humity or the next few days temps)

As to what I want that it doesn’t have, it’s set to heart rate every 10 mins, I’d like to have the latest HR number. I’d like a current time as 24 hour clock (definitely smaller than the main 12 hour) for the Aod black screen I’d need only the times, and the outer ring with moving second indicator. Also having the the mile conversion of the steps would be neat, but not required. There was also one feature I saw on another, that would be amazing, if possible. Basically, once the face was up, you could click it, and have the setting be 15, 30, or 60, and than after either every 15, 30 or 60 seconds it would do a quick vibrate.

Just to manage your expectations, there are some limitations when designing watch faces:

  • The designer has no control over the update frequency of the heart-rate
  • Most watches only update AOD once a minute, so moving seconds hand will probably not work
  • The designer cannot trigger the vibrate function afaik

If you need the seconds to get a pulse, one could make a seconds hand that always starts at 0 when waking the watch


Ooh. I just assumed it was based in the latest one? I guess it’s probably like my weather app. I go to school in a different town than I live in… and it won’t update the weather (on the watch, phone updates fine) for several hours.

Ooh. Interesting. That’s weird because both of those features were ones I’ve seen. But maybe it wasn’t facer? When I first got the watch I downloaded so many apps.

Thanks for the tips!

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