Does anyone do commissions for faces?

I got my Galaxy watch 4 a couple of days ago, and I cant find any watch faces that have all the info I’d like! Is ‘commissioning’ one possible?

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Contact @marco69h, he’s done a few custom faces for me.

Be advised, while it doesn’t bother me, he then puts those faces up here, so if that would bother you, you’re going to have to discuss it with him upfront.

He can’t charge any money because he’s not a pro creator or whatever, so the commissioned faces go up for free, he doesn’t make any extra money.

I pay him through PayPal.


I’d also be up for the challenge watch info wise but graphically I’m far from the ‘Looks like a real watch’ arena.


What kind of info do you want?


My favorite face, (and he has color variations), is this one, it has EVERYTHING Including both the total daily calorie burn, as well as the calories burned from walking.

When compared to my Samsung Health, the values ade only ever off by 0.7% at the most, to 0.05% at the lowest. The average difference seems to mostly be about 0.35%.

He, with the help of a few others, figured out a very accurate formula.


The current one I have is near perfect. But doesn’t quite have everything. I’ll start by listing what it does perfect. I’m looking for a digital face, with seconds, and while it’s digital, I would need it to have the lines along the outside like an analog, with a small indicator to mimic a second hand. (I hate analog faces, but need a small counter as I need to count pulse and respirations for my job) my current does this perfectly. I want a number % with both watch and phone battery left. The date, as well as which day of the week it is. I’d like steps. The current location temperature, with a hi and lo, plus that locations name. (I don’t need humity or the next few days temps)

As to what I want that it doesn’t have, it’s set to heart rate every 10 mins, I’d like to have the latest HR number. I’d like a current time as 24 hour clock (definitely smaller than the main 12 hour) for the Aod black screen I’d need only the times, and the outer ring with moving second indicator. Also having the the mile conversion of the steps would be neat, but not required. There was also one feature I saw on another, that would be amazing, if possible. Basically, once the face was up, you could click it, and have the setting be 15, 30, or 60, and than after either every 15, 30 or 60 seconds it would do a quick vibrate.



I replied to another if you want to see what im looking for! I’m definitely not a fan of real watch looks. The graphic design of my current it is perfect. Minus the inability to change the orange outer layer. White on black is fine for everything else

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That wouldn’t bother me at all! I have kinda a dumb question? How do I message him? I’ve gone to his profile and I’m not seeing anything.

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Honestly, I first simply commented on one of his watch faces, and we started speaking that way.

Then we exchanged email addresses.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving it out to you, since it’s not mine to give, but I will shoot him an email that you’re looking to contact him.

But I recommend that you also comment on a face as well.

I’m not really sure how to directly message people here.


Just shot him an email, but he’s 6 hours ahead of me, so it’s only 4am his time.


@cuddly_aardvark . Excuse me butting in. You can DM a member of the Community from here. If you click on Profile Icon./ bagge in the top right of the Pop up you will see a blue box that says message. Remember to switch on a tracking in the notifications. Otherwise you might miss thier response.


Just another point, have you thought of inspecting a range of free faces you like and building your own?
There are a bunch of people here that will help you.
Inspection is the rocket icon on the preview page.
For this reason posting a link to the face rather than just an image would be useful (unless it is an uninspetable paid face)

Maybe have a look at these:

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I actually started down that path, and realized that I have more money than time, or talent.

When I saw the first watch face that I had commissioned vs what was in my head, I gladly paid, lol.

I could have learned to put the functionality together on my own, but the artistic flair… no way.


Mind you, I’m not discouraging trying, or castigating your advice at all, but some of us, (raises hand), ain’t got artistic talent, lol.


Raises both hands high in the air as well


There are a ton of here up for a challenge given a template for information needed, visibility required and so on.
The 2 examples given used no external graphic sources. They were made purely in the facer creator.

Money or no, I love face creation.

If you still want to recruit creatos I am sure there are many that would help.

I am terrible at the art part but have had some great effects with shapes and maths.

Where is the raises hands for lack of artistic tallent icon?

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I can walk into an office, figure out what is needed computer and security wise

Build a network with 15 servers, 200 + workstations, routers, firewalls, access permissions with layers, set up your database server, exchange mail server if you want. Website with SSL but

Ask me to draw a person and ya get a stick figure

God’s honest truth



I know, desperately needed

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OMG this is totally me.

I’ve been in IT for 30 years.

I can build a computer from a bag of peanuts, but there is NO WAY I could produce anything close to the many amazing faces here.

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