Does anyone know

what code i would use to make something seem like its flickering… like electrical flickering not flame flickering…

You could do a
In the transparency.
Change the values it have it flicker more or less. The bigger the window the more it will show.

i appreciate it,

now… if you would happen to know how i could replace the weather text with my own like… instead of saying " Partly Cloudy and 85° " in the font can i have it say the same thing but in a photoshopped text to make it go with my design ? if so… how…? lol

I’m not sure if this is the best way but you can do a WCCI conditional in the transparency value like this.
Here is the different code values to use.
01 Fair
02 few clouds
03 scattered clouds
04 broken clouds
09 shower rain
10 rain
11 thunderstorm
13 snow
50 mist

You will have to have a layer for each possible value and this way it can be as custom as you want. I’m currently working on a face like this myself actually. If you come up with something better let me know lol

Thanks man and… i doubt I will but if I do I sure will let you know

Absolutely, glad I could help. Did that flicker turn out the way you wanted?

Yes it did but which part would I change to make it faster or slower cuz any number I put in in any spot makes it not work for some reason

Ok so how it works is, the $ means if. So if the random number between 0 and 50 is < less than or = equal to 25 then the layer will be 100% transparency. If not then it will be 0% transparency. So basically this layer has a 50/50 chance of showing up and it pulls random numbers every millisecond I think. There is two ways you can change how often it becomes visible.

  1. Change the range of random numbers it picks. Like instead of 0,50 you could do 0,500.
  2. The other option is change the window of true numbers. So if you left it at 0,50 and said >=10 instead of 25 then you reduced the chances of it appearing from 50% to 20%. Raising that number would be the opposite effect.
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Ok i think I understand lol thanks for the clarification

Of course, I’m glad to help anytime I can. Let me know if you still have some trouble.

@syntaxracing gets a :thumbsup: for sharin’ the knowledge :wink:
Well done.

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Now if I wanted custom Photoshop text for my degrees would I have to make a layer for every degree? :thinking:

Edit:like instead of it saying "75° " would i have to make a layer for every degree?
also the same with battery percentage… ?? :thinking::thinking:

Well I think you would if you wanted to use png’s made by Photoshop. Facer allows you to upload a font and that would probably be the best option for battery and temperature.