Does Modular Compact support all devices?

I heard some of the apple watch face templates don’t support newer devices like series 7, 8, or 9. I’m going to design a Modular Compact watch face and this doubt came into my mind. So please any body clarify this.

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Which ever is the last one in the list is for 7 and above I think . It is Documented . Finding the Document is the Problem .

Do you mean Modular Duo?

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Hey listen I am sorry . I was so busy doing something else yesterday . I can not check th name of the Template on my Tablet . Shame . Nor can I find the wretched Document. I will do my best when I fire up my Laptop . But Yes I am sur that us right and it is for 7 and above . I am not an Apple Expert . If you have an Apple Watch test it .

I have had issues with Modular Compact on an older Apple Watch 6. So, I tend not to use it.

I have also had complaints that not all Facer elements were coming through on Apple Ultras, but could not say if it was a user setting or watch issue. Had to redirect people to Facer for support.

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