Does not render correctly on Fossil Watch - Need Help!

I am having issues with this face, I have a person showing this face wont render correctly on their Fossil watch. I have a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which shows it fine.

What I can see in the pic they showed me is the Time is all the way to the right half off the screen and the weather (clouds, etc) is to low.

I’ve already shared this face once before, but was unaware of the problems!

Help to figure this out is much appreciated.

Here is the face link and the inspection link:

Had a look mate you have 2 eqations missing brackets replace them and it should be fine

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Thanks, Im not sure which ones though! I’ve been mostly copying others code and am still learning how it works!

line 1 Bracket Required

Line 4 Y Not needed get rid replace with 180

Sun Bracket missing from start X

Moon Bracket Missing from Start X

hope that helps

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Line 1 and Sun/Moon has been corrected!

Lines 2-4 “Time” is one of my problems, they are to rise and fall with battery charge. this works correctly but on the Fossil watch is being shown to the right border of watch face rather than center on X radius.

I think you will find that is caused by the watch itself you would need to remove the effect from the text for some reason they have a problem with text effects they display the GLOW effect mixed up as well.

This is what I was thinking but not sure, is this inherent to all android wear or just Fossil?

just fossil as far as i can tell they work perfect on my watchs

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Thanks for your help! I should of cleaned the other stuff up but was kind of unsure what to mess with at the time. Little more knowledge now!

no probs always ask if in doubt

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