Does WCHN track like BLN?

does anyone know if humidity (WCHN) tracks on the timeline like watch battery (BLN)?

By dragging the timeline, BLN tracks from zero at 12:00am to 100 at 11:59:59PM.

Does WCHN track the same way? opposite direction? something totally different? I was hoping they behaved the same when dragging the timeline so I can build my formula with BLN, then swap for WCHN when done.


I would assume so. 1-100% integer. IDK

In my timeline BLN goes from 100 (00:00) to – (24:00) and WCHN shows always 40 (I’ dont know if its fixed or it shows a random value every time)

Yeah BLN works as a replacement to test an analog WCHN dial hand sweep. I just wanted to make sure with a text object.

  • I make a text layer with #BLN#
  • I make my analog dial formula using BLN
  • when I drag the timeline back and forth, BLN scrolls from 0-100.
  • I just wanted to make sure (a) my subhand is moving in the same direction up/down as the values and (b) the endpoints 0 & 100 are hitting the correct min/max angle on my sub dial.

then change the dial hand formula back to WCHN and delete the text layer. let’s hope it works.


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It should. That’s the same sort of issue I have when trying to test with Temperature. I would place dummy values in and change then around until I confirmed it ‘should’ work. Then I’ll resend to my watch for a test. Since the default weather data on the facer creator appears to be local Little Labs weather in California it create at least two values to test against. California and your location.