Doesn't sync, eats battery w/ Samsung Galaxy Active

Hi! I’m using FACER on Samsung Galaxy Active and iPhone XR. All have recent software updates.

Facer used to work fine for a couple days. And when it worked it was just wow! I was ready to subscribe to the highest premium plan you have.

  1. Now no matter what I do the watches I choose in the Facer application on the iOS don’t sync with the watch! Also they don’t sync from the website. I tried to restart everything multiple times, reinstall Facer application and turn Bleutooth/Wi-Fi off everywhere. It doesn’t help!

Is it a known issue? I just read the comments on Samsung store everybody says the sync doesn’t work anymore. Are you planning to fix it?

  1. Also I noticed it started to drain battery. Eats almost 10% in an hour. I’m using Always On feature but all the other watchfaces on the Samsung store eat 5% an hour maximum in that mode.

Is it also a known issue?

Thank you! The idea and the store look great! If only it worked.

I found out how to fix it. Exiting Samsung Watch application and then turning on wi-fi on the watch helps a lot with the syncing!

Well in the end it didn’t work :frowning: I switch on and off everything it doesn’t sync