DOW Help please

I’m trying to get something like this to work with a sub hand. I have the days set at mins 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21. I am so confused on some of these expressions. I get it to kind of work but not like I want. Thanks in advance for any help.


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OK, this is the down and dirty Redneck Engineering version of what you want.

$#DOW#==0?223:$ $#DOW#==1?268:$ $#DOW#==2?315:$ $#DOW#==3?0:$ $#DOW#==4?46:$ $#DOW#==5?92:$ $#DOW#==6?138:$

DOW ==0 is Sunday and so on through Saturday ==6. Also the numbers ?123: are the rotation of each position. I would take your gauge hand and point it at Sunday and note what the rotation number is. Put that in the place of 223 for Sundays rotation on your face. Do the same for the next six days and it will work for you.


So should I just do a hand for each day and use an expression to have the other hands opacity at 0 if it’s not that day?

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In general, if it is like you described, you could use formula for hand rotation like (9*6+#DOW#*6) (between each second mark is 6° so I thought it would start with 9*6).
With what @mrantisocialguy suggested, you have control over each position separately.


Got it I think…lol. Thank you guys!


If you use the expression just as I posted it, only with the numbers to match your weekdays, you can use just one hand for all of them. If you go visit my watch face MAG 1769 you will see a week day dial at the bottom of it. I am only using one hand and the code I posted to control the positions of the hand for each day. Inspection is turned on so you can get under the hood and see how it functions.


Awesome, thanks again. You always help me out and it’s appreciated!