DOW rotation help

I have several faces that I used a day of week ring. I was using expression -((#DOW#)*51.60)) to get it to rotate the ring under it to highlight the day. It seems it is no longer working. Did they change the expressions?

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That I don’t know, but I have had issues with that for a while. One thing I do notice is in your example you have the negative sign on the outside of the bracket. I would put it between the first and second brackets myself. I usually end up hard coding each position like this.
$#DOW#=0?327.5:$ $#DOW#=1?338:$ $#DOW#=2?349:$ $#DOW#=3?0:$ $#DOW#=4?11:$ $#DOW#=5?21.5:$ $#DOW#=6?32.5:$
That way I can make sure it points directly at the center of the day name.


You have the Answer from @mrantisocialguy .But if what you have posed is the actual formula you do not have balanced ( ) . You must have them in pairs . So I have Faces with that mistake on and Yes they have tightened the Syntax rules over that recently . Delete the extra ) at the end of your Formula .

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