Download to Phone

I want to establish a savings of downloads from Facer.

Every time I select a face, I lose the prior one and must search to find it.

I want to how to download to my phone so I have it for the next time rather than lose it for each new face I use.

How to do this?

Hi there!

Facer provides 2 features that could help with this:

  • Triple tap on your watch to load the list of recently of synced watch faces. This will allow you to switch back and forth between recently synced Facer faces directly from your watch.
  • Add your favorite faces in your Watchbox in the mobile app. You will need to be logged in for this, but the added benefit will be that your favorite faces will be available on all your devices and easily findable.

Hope it helps!

Currently I have a image on my Facer watch and not on my phone. If I load another image to the watch, I will lose the one that is there. My Facer phone app does not have any images but what is provided by Facer. So to triple tap on the watch, where will the current image go?

Will you please direct me to where is the Watchbox, how do I get there, and how I send the current watch image to the Watchbox.

can not seem to figure out how to save a new image that is downloaded to the watch, so I am therefore stuck?