Drumroll please!

Ok this little baby has created bags under my eyes that could pack enough for a family of four- I was up 3.50am this morning to continue working on it. I have a headache- the maths and formulas really stretch my brain to explosion point. As a newbie, here just days, I am pretty pleased. Will probably do a few more things- pop in a moon, endevour to get the sunrise working according to the correct season, and probably add a few layers to respond to the weather conditions, but it works ok for now. what do you think? Tracymae - Limelight Sunrise - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer


That is awesome! Well done!

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Wow! Very well made! Congratulations for the result!

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Thank you, it’s been frustrating, but I’m pleased with the end result. :slight_smile:

@GAUSS I have seen your posts many times while I was making this- so you need to take some credit too!

Just made it square friendly and added in my moon. These things are surprisingly easy after doing all the hard graft getting the coding right. Was just a case of copying, pasting and changing the angle on the sun sin equation.

Thank you, but the credits must go to a lot of other designers, i was searching formulas for my project as well as you did.

My project never made it to publishing, because it works fine in creator but doesn´t do in the smart watch.
It was very ambitious and i learned a lot, so it´s no loss.

It´s this one:

This simulation not only has a day/night phase with rotating sun&moon - i built in a visual colorful multilevel sunrise/sunset, moving clouds, realistic looking weather conditions with snow and rain effects, fog and flashes at thunderstorm condition … even the cloud density is combined with WCCT values.

And -all animations are done only with the creator. No gif animator were harmed during the making of that watch face. :wink:

I hope you like it.


Oh no, after all that work! It’s awesome too. I’m guessing your not sure what went wrong? Can you try adding elements in one by one to troubleshoot it? I’m just about to add in some cartoon dark clouds and a static rain layer. Need to hunt down the code for changing the images according to the conditions.

Well, i know the problem, the only thing that doesn‘t work are the sunris and sunset fadings effects, the don‘t work at the estimated times. Instead they activate at midnight.

Well done, looking good. :clap:

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I used 4 layers. One daytime, nighttime, sunset, sunrise. 3 codes, one 100 opacity from dusk till dawn. And two with a fade in for an hour before dawn and before dusk.

very well done @tracy !
Amazing works on the code for a first one !

Did you try out the fading on your watch? Does it work correctly? If so, i would be very interested to test your formula as well.

Greetings, GAUSS.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The fading works fine on the watch, at least I havent noticed any issues.
Bottom layer DAYSKY normal image, does nothing.(I guess you could use the background image layer)
Layer 1 SUNSET (DARKSKY fade in) has code $#DH#==(#WSH#-1)?(#Dm#/0.6):0$ (fade in for 1 hour starting an hour before sunset.
Layer 2 DARKSKY- appears during dusk and dawn $#DH#>=#WSH#||#DH#<#WRH#?100:0$
Layer 3 SUNRISE- Daysky copy that fades in an hour before dawn $#DH#==(#WRH#-1)?(#Dm#/0.6):0$

That’s it. I did the same for the foreground but changed the timing of the landscape fade to blue to match when the watch sun goes down (as opposed to the actual dusk time). I just increased the fading to 2 hours before, but you need to remember to change the dusk til dawn image to start an hour earlier too or you get a green field again haha.

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Thank you very much. I will test if i can use it to get rid of the issue at my version.

I just made another one, left it open to inspection in case it can help solve your issue. Tracymae - St Andrews by the sea - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer


You should create a new topic for the new watch face, it’s just as great as the last one!

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