Dual time zones

Hi All, I’m hoping for a little input on something I’ve been able work out… user-defined Dual time zones.

Is there a way for someone that downloads a face to define the difference between their native time and another location of their choosing? I can, of course, ‘spam’ the platform with differences set to UTC, but is there a more elegant answer to this?

I should add not by location - just by value, eg + 7hours.

Any input would be greatly appreciated… Cheers Team! MACH-1

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Only in the pro version - you can use VAR_1 to add selected amount of hours to #Db# in a text field.
Without testing, I would say (#Db#+#VAR_1#) should do the trick, and you would need to place VAR1 increase and decrease buttons, obviously :slight_smile:
Then you’ll need to fool-proof it against false times 25 (or 1AM turned into 13PM) but that’s another story :wink:

I can’t think of any way of doing it in a free face because of the required user input.

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AKAR - thanks mate. I pay for Pro, but I’ve not explored VAR functions for a few reasons that I’ll not go into here. But, now I know this, perhaps I should give the VAR functions a go - if only for personal use for now…

Excellent info. Thank you.

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As a No Pro I can only think to use the Accelerometer to move a cursor on a global map ore something. It would only ever be approximate any way a lot of places have a half hour difference etc. If you have VAR that should be fun : )

Watch out that you don’t go down a rabbit hole and never come up. That happened to me with time zones, partly because I live on one that has a half-hour offset, and also because since my family lives in the UK and I live in Canada, I know that things like DST change on different dates depending on where in the world you live.
I would study a model that a manufacturer of physical watches uses, and go with that. I suspect they ignore the anomalies and keep it as simple as possible.

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