Dumb question but I'm lazy

How do you make the watch go into sleepy mode or night mode or lights off face…

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Welcome @rcleapor. If you mean temporarily. You swipe your palm across the screen. I think that work for most watches. Let us know which Watch you are talking about. If that is not the answer you are looking for I have failed to understand your Question.

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What I’ve found on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: if I palm the screen (swiftly put my palm flat on the display) while wearing the watch or while at least 1 finger is fully touching the bottom of the watch case, it will go to dim mode, but if I palm it while the bottom of the watch case is not touching me in any way, the display turns off.

My GW1, on the other hand, behaves differently and/or unreliably.

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This is Intresting. Perhaps @rcleapor could Change the Title of the topic to. DISPLAY SLEEP GESTURE. Then people in future could Find it in a search.

My Galaxy Active ( Small ) Sleeps when " Palmed " whether it is worn or Not.