I see a few Face Makers asking about this so I thought I would chip in with a subject that is close to my Heart . I published a few things in my early days on Facer but deleted them .
Please don’t .
If you really don’t want them in the Publications folder, Duplicate them before you Delete them .
I show an example that makes me cringe a little but I keep it in my folder to remind me were I started. My Word I was so Proud of myself to making my own face for my New Watch.


But when you publish Make a DUPLICATION first.

Be aware that if you REPUBLISH that Face with a Revision Number for example the File Name will not be updated correctly in certain places on Facer . Like The Currently Wearing and the App Watchbox. It just gets confusing . I have asked Little Labs about this but no answer.

Sorry to blow my own trumpet but this is where I am now.



Very good information @russellcresser and help for everyone …

I am totally with you :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Wise advise - just to be sure.

I’ve had a version name (I invent brand names), removed even though I had already published several iterations with my sub-brand name before a (well-known) fashion company made claim on the name I’d published long before them and had my publication removed instantly! Always create a copy!


@richard2 . Apparently we are up against the intellect of a Bot. Seems to be set to run randomly. I have been told that some of the watch company’s go through the Faces now and again. Luck of the draw I suspect. A dictionary of forbidden words would be one thing. I know of two. Ladybird, Zenith. May be we should open a thread on the subject and invite someone to curate the list : )


Even color khaki is on a list for auto-flag, for one unnamed watch brand calls one of its models like that.


Its on the list. I am Traveling today. I will stay on this one when I can : )

I started out making a backup copy of each publish faces, along with a means of tracking the backups using the face name. But for me, it started getting out of hand with all the duplicate copies and with my Creator listing looking overly busy. Now I’m document each face’s configuration in spreadsheets, one per face. That also gives me the much faster/easier means of opening any one face’s configuration and copy formulas from it.

Might not work for everyone, but so far it’s working for me.

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Eeeek. A Proper Parts List. Incredible. I am off to find that Face.