Dynamic Rings Series

Here’s a new face with a few different themes to it.

-Rotating disks for Minutes, & Seconds line up with the red line in the window. They digitally zoom when appropriate
-Current Weather Condition, which is day/night aware is top left, with current temperature and weather station.
-Watch battery level on the bottom. Green if level is above 60%. Yellow if level is between 30 and 60%. Red if level is below 30%.
-Steps are diagonally below the time
-Daily weather forecast condition icons are on the left side of the screen. Daily high/low temperatures are graphed above the forecast icons, to show the temperature trends.
-Date is below the forecast condition icons in a little window.
-12 hour mode, 24 hour mode compatible.

I used your little window @rob.fisk, hope it’s ok.


Of course it’s OK. That’s what it was there for, for people to use or learn as needed. Can be scaled up from what I did as well as chopping it down.

I do have to ask though, did you just use the final tutorial result or use it to make your own? Either way is good if my end result fitted.

I have added the love to the second 2. Thie first is too busy and contrast blurred for me I am afraid. I know cammo is supposed to be hidden but that is kind of why I don’t like cammo themes on watches. I like to see stuff on my watch. I can see the appeal for others though, so good to add one to the range.

I’m going to guess 2 will do the best. Lots of people like bright orange.


Thanks @rob.fisk. I plucked it when you posted it the other day & reallized I needed a background for the current weather condition and thought of it. I just scaled it up as needed within creator. I already knew how to use the bevel function, although admidedly only started using it about a week or two ago, and used it in many of the layers in this face. It’s a great tool!

Fair point about Camo making things a bit busy. Interesting though, the camo one as of this moment is the only one getting sycs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The other trick if you make a background plate like my metal ones and want to do the bevels in the image, rather than in multiple elements is to cut the transparent holes, wand select the transparency, change to option right,2 (alter selection postion) and add 5-7 pixels up/down/l;eft/righ and bevel that. You may need to reverse the B/W for that one.
See the end of A couple of new metal bacground digis - #7 by rob.fisk

Maybe this time of day you have the US audience.

Also, by ‘the other day’ you might mean ‘a couple of hours ago’ so fast work on finishing the 3 faces, unless I posted something I forgot about.

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I like the way you’ve done the time, nice job Brad :clap:


My preference for steel but my ticwatch seems hate you damn


Gee, that’s too bad @alsx65. Your graph isn’t syncing the temperatures & your dynamic minutes / seconds aren’t active. I suppose many of my faces use quite a few large expressions & it just isn’t working on your tic watch. It is really too bad. I wonder if it is a WearOS thing or a processor speed thing? I don’t often get reports like this… :unamused:


I think it’s all about processor , multiple complex expression and gif collapse it


Excelentes!!! @rob.fisk