Earthshade 3 Beta

Looking for testers to check the longitude / latitude crosshairs, particularly those who can test in the southern hemisphere. I’m not confident I got latitude drawing formula right. This one has many elements and takes Facer a long time to load first time.

Also I’ve got to slow the moon orbital speed, as I wanted to get it to go once per minute.


The watch face looks great, but it think’s I’m not on the east coast region of Brisbane (27.4698° S, 153.0251° E) and very much inland by a few hundred kilometers :slight_smile: .

The way the model works is there is one image of the earth per time zone, and that image is shown for the user’s time zone. The longitude is simply a vertical strike in the time zone, and I have to make an assumption as to where such a strike works for most people across all 24 time zones. That is why it is only accurate to say +/- 500 to 800 km or so. I do not use the #LAT# tag because there is no way within Facer to manipulate a 3D model, at least I can’t figure it out.

I am pleased that the latitude isn’t too bad, only off a little. I tweaked the model and it may be a little more accurate for you.

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I haven’t tested it, but I love the concept and the moon orbital action is very cool!

GR8 job. I wish you would publish an inspector mode. Keep up the good work.!