[watchface] Earthshade 3

Looking for testers to check the longitude / latitude crosshairs, particularly those who can test in the southern hemisphere. I’m not confident I got latitude drawing formula right. This one has many elements and takes Facer a long time to load first time.

Also I’ve got to slow the moon orbital speed, as I wanted to get it to go once per minute.


The watch face looks great, but it think’s I’m not on the east coast region of Brisbane (27.4698° S, 153.0251° E) and very much inland by a few hundred kilometers :slight_smile: .

The way the model works is there is one image of the earth per time zone, and that image is shown for the user’s time zone. The longitude is simply a vertical strike in the time zone, and I have to make an assumption as to where such a strike works for most people across all 24 time zones. That is why it is only accurate to say +/- 500 to 800 km or so. I do not use the #LAT# tag because there is no way within Facer to manipulate a 3D model, at least I can’t figure it out.

I am pleased that the latitude isn’t too bad, only off a little. I tweaked the model and it may be a little more accurate for you.

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I haven’t tested it, but I love the concept and the moon orbital action is very cool!

GR8 job. I wish you would publish an inspector mode. Keep up the good work.!

Earthshade 3 has been working pretty good for a couple of months now. However, up here in the Canada, the days have been getting shorter as winter nears, so it has bothered me that this is not accurately reflected in the watch face. So… I added the Solar Plane with Earth’s tilt to it at the standard 23.5 degrees. As we all know, as the seasons progress throughout the year, the tilt of the Earth makes the days shorter in the Winter and longer in the Summer. This is now accurately reflected in this watch face. For those in the southern hemisphere, the effect will be the opposite, but accurately reflected in the watch face. Daily, you can actually see the shadow at a right angle to the Solar Plane as it progresses across your location on Earth. Monthly, you will see the Solar Plane shift 7.35 degrees relative to your position on the Earth. It’s pretty cool…

Since Earthshade 3 is intertwined with Earthshade Weather Trends, I also updated that watch face per below. Enjoy!