Easy Chronograph - Edition 3

Samsung Gear S3 - Dark Green Chronograph

Changes of “Date”, “Temp”, “Battery” and some bugfixes.

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Nice. You should update the description to explain what the smaller dials show. The left and top dial appear to be in sync (#DWFSS#) with the smooth second rotation. What are they for? You could work on updating them to show the phone battery or temp in one of these dials instead. The battery fill indicator appears slightly off. When at 33% in the text it looks more like 50% in the indicator window. Also of minor note, you added the drop shadow to the smaller dial hands on left and top, but not to the lower one or the main hour and minute hands.

Hey @diggicon,
Looks good. If you’re updating, you should turn on the shadowing for the main hour and minute hands.