ECLIPZ Raptor Preview

Coming Soon, Still working on a couple things…

Enjoy, Sirhc

Eclipse Raptor is a Analog/Digital 12/24 based on your time preferences. Raptor has an App Shortcut pop-out menu & themed colors. The features include Moon, Steps with 15k Goal, Heart Status, Weather, Location, Date with day of week & a seconds meter for 10 second intervals. (Check out the informational map below)

Hope you enjoy the watch face, Follow me for all my new designs!


Very nice! Thumbs up!

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I love the color and layout

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WHOAAAA… this will hit…

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Thank you! Should be up soon…
Enjoy, ~Sirhc

Very nice! I like the “pull out” app shortcut menu. :+1:

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This is a really good looking face. I love it, Great default colour choice too :slight_smile:

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UPDATED as requested:

Raptor has been updated to include 4 different backgrounds! You can change the background by clicking the center of the dial. The 4th background is “pure” black for OLED watches.