Edit Existing Watchfaces

I might be completely losing it, but I cannot seem to be able to edit any existing watchfaces I imported. I tried to create a draft and it says one was created, but I cannot find it anywhere. Please help or I might need to leave the beta and rollback.

Thank you

Hi @GTIceman! Any watchfaces in your draft should be visible at facer.io/creator and editable using the brand new editor. Let me know if you’re not seeing some of your designs in there and we can look into it!

Thanks, I have two that won’t show up.

Can you share your Display Name on Facer? We’ll look into it.

GTIceman, same as on here

Here’s the list we see - can you point me to the ones you are not seeing on your side?

One of two

Two of two

Thanks! I suspect it’s because the watchface title includes a “&” symbol. Will report to our QA and dev team. Stay tuned!