{Edit} NOT coming soon... something glassy

Hey all,

From this:

Sometimes my design ideas crap out and I lose interest. So here we are again. I got to here with my glass idea but imma dump it and move on to something else. Ended up looking too Mickey Mouse to me.
Does anyone want the PhotoShop PSD file artwork? Anyone is welcome to it. Just let me know. There’s other colored background metal besides the gold that you can easily use for this face or anything else you’re designing.



I would definitely be interested however I doubt the PSD file will be compatible with my prehistoric version of Photoshop.

Do you ever just put things on the back burner and work on something else, then randomly more inspiration comes to you that helps you finish old projects? I have a lot of back burner projects and my next face to be published is one of those that sat for months and then randomly I had a lightbulb moment so to speak and started it back up. I’m super happy with it so far.

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I like the look of it. I think it could be made into something awesome.

yes I do have those moments sometimes. Also the “sell cycle” on a design (for me) is probably only a couple of months - then its popularity drops off quickly. I look to resurrect my faves, add some new feature (or look), then re-launch it as a new face. I usually go through some sort of spring cleaning and look to spruce up older cool designs I came up with while trimming off and junking designs that didn’t do well at all. For me, I could care less about having hundreds of designs. The quantity doesn’t mean anything to me. I’d be much happier with 3 or 4 dozen “gems” (which I don’t have either :smile: ). But whatever gems I do have don’t retain their gem-status very long as hundreds or thousands of new faces come out every month.

I always thought it would be cool to have a trend meter. The SHOW STATS portion of a watch view gives you some of that but only a month’s worth of data. It would be cool to see the life of the face over all time. So you have a face with 5,000 syncs… that’s awesome, but is it because the face has been out there for 2 years? Or did you gain the 5000 syncs in only 2 months? Maybe another face has 8,000 syncs but only picked up an extra 50 syncs over the past 6 months. Is it truely a dead face (old and dated) or can it handle a re-design to be a new fresh design? Do you have a face with 25,000+ syncs because it was one of the first really custom faces when smartwatches first came out? Or is it truely the greatest design since the invention of sliced bread and syncs are still going strong? My highest sync face (which incidentally I’ve already scrapped) existed before I was a Premium Designer. So really were the syncs so high because it was a great face, or because it was FREE?

So yeah I do have these back burner ideas but probably 50% of the time they are improvements on existing faces. But I also think about these popularity & lifespan aspects a lot as well.


oh yeah… here’s the PSD file for what it’s worth.
…your mission should you decide to accept it, is to turn this design into something interesting without 50 of you downloading the art and all making the same face :smile:. As you know, if any of your design team are captured or caught eating fries at McDonalds and getting grease on the keyboard, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of this terrible artwork. This thread will self-destruct in 5 seconds… Good luck Ethan.

(…or “Jim” if you’re as old as I am).



@jmorga106 Thank you John for the file. Cant wait to play with this a bit. I actually have several ideas for this :smile:

Haha, thank you for the file. I don’t know if I will ever do anything with it to be honest. I’m super focused on a few projects at the moment and I try not to spread my creative brain power across to many things at once. However can I have permission to use your “Layer 4?” The one that you used the “Star Cutter” to create?

@syntaxracing, Like I said man use all or any part of it you like. :+1:


Sounds good. There was a lot of errors when opening it so I’m not sure what all works and doesn’t but we’ll see how it goes. Lol

yeah I’m using the latest PhotoShop on subscription. Your version will probably complain a bunch about color sets and fonts and stuff.

EDIT: Thanks for the file, looking forward to checking it out!

No worries (@syntaxracing, @cth4242, @selia67),

I’ll leave the file on my disk. If you have any “How did you make…?” or “Why did you use…?” questions in PS lemme know and I’ll answer as best I can.



Hey that’s my great uncle!

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