Effects not displaying correctly GW4

G’day, got myself a Galaxy watch 4, and I’ve noted that effects like outline and glow, continually go astray of the main font, in other words, its off set from the font that is using either outline or glow. it resets each time I reload it onto my watch, only to go off kilter minutes after. any resolve for this issue >

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This has been a known issue apparently (or similar issues) with glow and outline on Wear OS watches though roving transition I had not heard of before, it was always overglow/outline.

GW4 watches, though Tizen skinned are WearOS 4 and the only watch to have this OS.

The best advice is to make a sample face, with inspection open (from the sharing option at the top in the creator) and create a feature request here to fix the bug with a link to your example failure.

Outline and glow effects are not compatible with any version of WearOS. Older Samsung watches were Tizen powered, but the new GW4 is WearOS 3 powered. The only two options for this are 1. Not making or using faces with Glow or Outline effects or 2. Google fixing their watch operating system. (Number 2 will probably never happen.)


Drop shadows mess some faces up on some watches too.

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Make sure the Effects are set to NONE and not just “0” or the text will continue to deteriorate.


You guys rock, no need for me to repeat anything that you’ve already resolved here :+1:

digging this up, for and additional question, does the Huawei watch handle effects well? I love the Galaxy watch, currently have a 4, but it frustrates me no end that effects will never display correctly on it. failing that, how do the tic watches handle effects?

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Dont make Faces for new Huawies. Tickwatch is one of those that does not show some stuff. It is very picky about Code. A good place to Debug stuff.