Embedded Videos No longer working


I have never used this forum before, so my apologies in advance if this issue that I’m having is a user error and/or if this has already been resolved in a prior topic. I’ve decided to showcase my watch face designs by using Facer’s embedded video link from the share option. I’ve had no issues at all with this feature until a few weeks ago. I notice that my website doesn’t properly pull up the embedded videos. I did not modify the code of any kind and I haven’t made any changes to my website that would have impacted anything involving embedded videos. My question is, is there a current known issue involving embedded video links, or am I the only one experiencing this issue? I can say I know it’s not ideal running embedded videos all the time but the way mine are triggered on my website, I don’t think it’s too demanding and shouldn’t cause too much lag to preview. Thank you in advance for any advice or help. Much appreciated.

Not sure about the embedded videos, but the embedded watch faces have quit functioning in the forums. I just checked and added one to one of my webpages and it’s not functioning there either. I can only assume that the “iframe” function is messed up on Facer’s end. @Facer_Official is there any timeline on getting the embedded links fixed?

They definitely are aware and are working on it (embedded previews issue) but I haven’t heard any more than that.