Embedding conditionals

Hi there! New to Facer Creator and already a question…

I want t make a face with Dutch text. So I used the Tag #DhT# and added a conditional.
E.g. $#DhT#==twelve?twaalf:ERROR$

Works like a charm as long as it is 12h something… but as soon as it is past 12:59…

So I thought I could embed my conditionals.
E.g. $#DhT#==twelve?twaalf:$#DhT#==eleven?elf:ERROR$$

But that only works when it’s 12h something as well… never shows ‘elf’ or ‘ERROR’, then it’s just blank.

I suppose the 2nd $ in my second example ends the condional.
But I can’t work out how else to embed…
Any suggestions?

I have not used it but I think the syntax is:

$ test ? true result : $$ test ? else true result : else false result $

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Thanks @mikeoday! Works perfectly!!

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I’m not sure that embedded conditionals works on every smartwatch.
However the syntax is the one that mike said

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Cool, I’m glad it worked.