Embedding Face Preview in Community Post

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I copied the Embed link from a watch face SHARE and pasted directly into a community post but the preview didn’t display.

Is there another method to add the embedded preview into a community post other than pasting the link?

Weird… that’s how it should work…

The format is:
https://www.facer.io/watchface/(unique code for each watch)


Very strange. That’s exactly what I was looking for but I tried both links (COPY, then PASTE into the message.
I tried both. The LINK URL just shows the generic Facer message and link to the face. The EMBED link doesn’t seem to do anything. Maybe I need to try a different browser and see what happens.

He is saying to copy the URL from the top of your browser when viewing the face in its own tab or window. Not the URL from LINK or EMBED. From creator home, click “view” next to that face and when viewing that face, take the URL from the top of your browser and copy it and you can then paste it into the community posts.

One addition to what @Orion said - make sure to put the link on its own line in your post, not within a bunch of other text.

This will work:


This will not work:

“Check out my awesome face LINK, what do you think?”

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The code in the Embed field is when you want to add it to a webpage you’ve created.

For example, some creators may want to set up a website to promote their watches, in which case the embed would add functionality for the website where that code is used. So you wouldn’t have to go to Facer to see what the face does if that makes sense.

But yeah, it has to be on a line by itself. Not sure if that’s what happened or not.

I’ve grabbed the url from the Share button (as shown above) as well as copying it directly from the address bar in my browser.

I made sure to keep the URL on a line by itself but no luck.
Then I tried a post with just the EMBED code. I realize now that it’s for web widgets.
Just tried a post with only the LINK URL and no text. That worked for me!

thanks for the advice!