Empty watch box

My watch box - favourites, recent and so on - has suddenly become empty.on Classic 6 watch after proving reliable - and full! - up until now. Any ideas where they have gone and can they be recovered? I have tried restarting my watch and phone but to no avail!
This is my first post and I see that my problem has been touched on already but I feel the problems are not as serious as mine!! But then I would, wouldn’t I?

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Welcome @brian.unsworth . You must check that You have logged into your Facer account . You will have to bring your Favourites back to your watch . It is possible they were cleared during an update .
I would Recomend you do not have too many on your watch .

Thank you for your response and your suggestion. However all is now well since by some electronic magic the next time I checked my watch there they !were all sitting in their rightful place as if nothing had happened. Spooky or what?


My Friend . These Smart Watches come with a Little space in them Reserved for Voodoo . I am so glad it is working now . I actually recomend a REBOOT now and again . Hold the two physical buttons down till it says Rebooting .
Nothing is lost . Reboot your Phone Regularly as well .
Enjoy .

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