EOW last published face for the forseeable

this is my last face for the foreseeable future I have recently published

I think I have lost the urge to create more faces for now, perhaps limited by options without going pro, but at the moment not prepared for the cost, so perhaps in time… be back?

lastly a few particular favourites of mine also, as always… hope you enjoy


Nice faces! Everyone sometimes has to take a break; step back and just get our heads cleared out. Nothing wrong with that. There will come a day when you start missing doing watch faces and that will be the time to start again. Take your time and don’t rush it. :grin:


Yes, just as @mrantisocialguy said, those are some really nice Faces there, and that latest EOW is well cool, I love how the Sunrise and Date slowly switches places with the Temp and Steps, very nicely done :clap: Enjoy your life @ssjedwards Watch Face designing will always be here should you ever choose to return :wink:

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