ERRORS? Preview vs Editor vs App .. also Formula works in editor, not on watch?

1st Problem

I have the watch set to inspector mode but it doesn’t show it on this page.

2nd Problem

As far as the formula not working it’s a countdown until Sept 7 2018:

In the editor/preview it works, but on the Facer app/My watch (LG Sport) it doesn’t.

3rd Problem

Here’s a gif showing the differences between what’s shown in the editor vs the watch/app

Any idea what’s going on? This is first time I’ve had any problems and I didn’t know if it was temporary or something else is going on.


Also if it helps, the version of the app I’m running:

Hi cth4242, you helped me with a watchface of mine on this topic and now I’m having the same problem lol

Here’s what I see on the watch:

If you figured it out since the original post date, let me know!

First off, nice watchface :smiley:

As for why, I honestly don’t know. Usually, it’s one of two problems. Facer/Watch manufacturer has updated software and now something is temporarily broke (you’ll see the problem across multiple watchfaces – IE: The temperature no longer shows for any of your watchfaces, etc)

Sometimes it’s been a font issue – not sure exactly why, but I’ve seen a rare case where that was happening.

Long story short, ask on the forum if people are having the same issue with your watchface and compare which watches you have. If you can narrow it down to a model it helps support try and figure out how to fix it.

Good luck!

I can try to help but the design is not open for inspection so I can’t tell much.

Is the formula actually using those 2 parentheses at the beginning and end of the string? because I don’t think Facer likes handling anything before or after the $condition?true:false$

Hey, was having a similar problem myself, and found a fix that might work for you too: (if it’s still a problem)
I changed this: $#Dk#+7>23?#Dk#+7-24:#Dk#+7$:#DmZ#
To this: : $(#Dk#+7)>23?(#Dk#+7-24):(#Dk#+7)$:(#DmZ#)
And that made the watch face on the watch itself show the actual value of a 7 hour time advance on a clock rather than it used to show the raw code with some numbers in it.