Essentially Red, First Upload

Hi guys.

Just uploaded my first watch, with 2 versions.
Very simple.
The week number is because I actually need to know that at work for billing, so if anyone wants different info there I am happy to tweak it for them

I want to thank:
@Koinden for inspiration
@Rator for the radar hand png
@orz0 for great support, answered every single question I had

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And a second design with a combination of red and grey


Very nice - clear, easy to read with great tones and style.

Well done!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

More to come soon

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Thank you for those nice words!
The watchface came out really really nice as first face!!!
Clean and very good looking!
Keep designing

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Thanks working on next one.
Struggling with the battery gauges haha


Hey Joe!

Dude, that’s great well done on making your first watch face! I wouldn’t change a thing, well perhaps the dim minutes could be a tiny bit brighter? Really like it though man, and I’m totally going to use a similar radar sweep!


Looks great!

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