EULA/TOS - Face submission rules

I seemed to have missed this or it wasn’t presented at time of sign up.

Just curious as to 18+ content? ( I work with Daz Studio alot… so my work can be nude if desired)

no nudity allowed it does say somewhere in the conditions before publishing, you can have semi nude as long as its covering up specific parts, the automatic algorithm works , but there also is a complaint system and a lot of religious people that use facer and complain. the algorithm works so well that i even had a beating heart not be published , I couldnt figure it out till I covered it a little like it had clothes on and it published

Thanks. Wish this was something that was advised at sign up rather than on submission. Can you imagine doing a 30 frame render at 10hrs per frame, plus face design time, go to submit and it’s turned down due to rules.300 hrs + down the drain.