Excited to meet you!

Shout out to the community! I’m Brandy and I call my studio “Ravenlance”. It’s like freelance but with birds. I like to design faces that lean on a more feminine look. I also love using animals in my designs (especially cats). Currently I’m on a Halloween kick. I’m open to any tips and tricks the community might have!

I look forward to interacting more with all of you!


Hello Brandy, welcome. You have made some nice pieces already. Feel free to ask about how to make things work in certain ways. But I cant help much with how to make them look pretty.

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Welcome to the group @brandy.goodrick. It’s a good helpful group here, & there’s lots of resources & samples. Have fun!

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Welcome to the Community Brandy @brandy.goodrick
Enjoy designing!

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Welcome to the Community Brandy, I look forward to seeing your new designs, especially with a name like Ravenlance…very cool :sunglasses: