Exotic vintage jump-hour movement

Some of you know my love for vintage watches, and more so, my I love of the exotic and curious. Two years ago I came across this gem of a jump-hour watch from 1975. It may not be great looking but it certainly is very interesting and curious-- so it had to be recreated.

I got hung up on how the hours disk operates without affecting the date disk, the answer was simple but it escaped me. What was also very curious was the way there are several layers of plates looking inside the date window, going fairly deep. So I searched high and low for more info about the watch itself and most importantly for photos of the movement/guts, but this watch turned out to be as rare as any info or photos of it.

Time passed and I forgot it, until I stumbled across a watch forum where someone actually has one, he was kind enough to post the model # of the movement and photos of the movement he had taken apart (left side). Something looked to be missing in the photo, but using the movement # I found another photo (right side) showing the missing part (same movement in a different watch), so I could complete the movement. And obviously, the hours disk is offset from the watch’s center (duh!).

Now I have everything I need to complete it. Just for fun I recreated most of the 2 plates of the movement also, even though they’re not visible:

And finally it’s done!
(and… I see previews are still broken :neutral_face:)


It is very nice little movement. With rotating hour number plate you for sure avoid any trouble with fonts alignment. I like the lume btw. :slight_smile:


Thanks! During this process I also discovered a German site that has cataloged a ton of watch movements, this one’s movement is bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: AS 2083


I know that site. Its has tons of info + images, spent some time searching there :slight_smile:
Stumbled on it while searching for my grandfather’s bumper automatic watch movement of forgotten brand Rodana.