Expression for rotation weekdays

Hello everyone could help me solve an expression so I can rotate the needle from the angle of -108º to + 108º … attached image to make it understood … I appreciate the help!

Would ((((#DOW#)*(216/7))+((#DWFHS#)/(35/3)))-108) work? It would start with Monday but that’s just how the tag works, though it could probably be fixed with a conditional.

great! you could explain to me the reason of the equation to be able to understand it and to be able to apply it to other clocks!

So basically the #DOW# tag is day of week 0-6, and the range you’re trying to cover is 218 degrees. So the first part adds 216/7 [~31] degrees every day. the second half (after the +) adds 24 hour rotation (0-359 degrees) / by 35/3 ( 360 / (35/3) = ~ 216/7 ). The -108 sets the beginning to -108 degrees. Basically it adds ~31 degrees every day after the first and 1.28 degrees every hour. In theory this should appear fluid in motion.

great! I thank you … I also tried the conditionals and it works perfect! It’s even more comfortable for me to work like this … Again I thank you for the help!

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