Expression not working in facer ... help needed

Hi @ll,

i just had the time to test my Shuttle watch. Everything works fine despite the countdown numbers. In the Creator they were fully operational.

That´s the code i refer to:


What did i wrong?

And i have another question to a code i didn´t found out for myself yet.

What if i would like to make a time based fade in and out? What i mean is a startvalue after wakeup (#DWE#) until fade in, then some definable show time and a nice smooth fadeout afterwards?

Anyone an idea?



Weird… I could have swore I saw it working…

Anyways, I tried it in Inspection Mode and did the following which seems to have worked:

  1. Turn the layers on
  2. Add a 0 after the 50: as so…


Hope this helps!

I will try, thanks a lot.

As for the fade in/out for text…

I think I read that it’s not possible, but I may be remembering that wrong.

If you don’t mind it fading in and out regularly there’s this thread:

TRANSPARENCY: (clamp(((cos(#DWFSS#/11.5)*200)+125),0,100))

Alternately, you could

  1. Make two instances of the text
  2. Fade in on the first
  3. Fade out on the 2nd

I’ll test it and let you know and post code if it works.

EDIT: If you go this route you may have to get creative and move the “fade in” text off watchface (Y value above 360) and at that same point in the timeline move the “fade out” text to the same location from off watchface. (Y value above 360)

Sort of like:

0 - begin “fade in” - 100% transparent
1 - “fade in” - 50%
2 - “fade in” - 0%
3 - solid
4 - solid
5 - move “fade in” +320 in the Y direction / move “fade out” from +320 to desired Y location (IE: 160 in center) begin “fade out” - 0% transparent
6 - “fade out” - 50%
6 - “fade out” - 100% transparent

I’m guessing this is the thread your message was talking about now that I see it. @cth4242 was correct I believe, the missing 0 is the culprit to that string not working. His way of moving things off the visible screen works. Another way to achieve what your looking for is to do 2 “cover” layers. Have one layer fade out which reveals what your wanting to show and then a duplicate of that layer fade back in hiding it again. Unfortunately this method doesn’t always work, it depends in the face your working on. I wish there was a way to use an expression and a conditional in the same field, IE transparency. That would make the fade in then back out really easy.

My two cents: Use the code you have, but instead of a solid 50 in the middle you use a sinewave to make the text fade in and out. You’ll have to time it carefully and I don’t know of an easy way to set exact times, but it should work.


I haven’t tested the above so I don’t know if it works or not.