Extended Display Time

One feature I find very useful on other watch faces is extended display time. So when you flick your wrist to see the time, instead of displaying for 5 secs, which is pretty short, it can be extended to 7 seconds or 10 secs. This makes it possible to read some of the other information being displayed along with the time. I think this would need to be built into the base software so it’s available to all watch faces.

hi @paul.a.merrill,
You should check out the watch app Staylit Wear from the google play store. Staylit has been mentioned here in the community several times and seems to be the go-to app for extending display time. The app is very simple to use and is easy to get to in the app drawer on your watch. Just go to the Google App Store with your watch, download, and install.
As you use the app, it will appear as recent at the top of the app list.

Staylit lets you pick the display duration by just sliding the choices up of down. The choices are:
OFF (watch default)
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, seconds
10, 15, 20, 25 seconds
30, 60 seconds
2, 3, 5 minutes and indefinitely.

So here’s what I started doing… When I’m home not doing anything, watching TV, etc. I have Staylit set at the shortest time - 5 seconds - to conserve battery. However, if I’m heading out to a party or something cool, I get a good charge, turn up the brightness, and extend Staylit to 30 seconds to “show off” my designs. As I talk to people and wave my arms around (I’m Italian - I can’t talk without moving my arms), the watch displays frequently and almost always becomes part of a conversation. Pretentious yes, but it’s still cool.

Hope that helps,


Yep, I picked it up and usually set it to 10 seconds.

It should just be an easy setting to add instead of having to use yet another application (including all their lack of privacy policies).

its a hardware setting not a face setting

Not that I’ve seen. LG Watch Urbane running latest updates.

True Samsung as well. In the end battery time is managed by the hardware and there are apps to override that. So for example, Microsoft Word has no setting to set CPI clock speed. Why bother? there’s a BIOS app for that. Photoshop has no provision to install Fonts. there’s a control panel app for that. I think this is sort of the same thing.

This isn’t helpful.
While there may be additional applications to override the default timeout, I am already running an application. Why should I need to run multiple applications?
Other watch face applications have settings to override the default timeout, why doesn’t facer?