Face background not appearing

hello, I am very new to Facer and have come across a small problem when publishing a face. The background isn’t showing on the ‘recents’ page, but is there when I edit the face, or view it on my watch. Has anyone had this problem? NB I have used the same background file jpeg on another face and it views perfectly. I notice another Facer has published a similar question back in March 2018, but there is no answer that has a solution. Thanks in advance for any help.


Can you share a link to the face?

looks fine here, but not appearing on main page - thanks

Got it - can you try republishing it? No need to change anything in it, just publish am update that changes nothing to your design - it will force the watch through the publishing process again and may fix the issue. We’ve heard of some isolated cases where the preview isn’t generated properly and that typically fixes it.


That’s got it! Thanks for your help - loving the app, great fun