Face change at each start up

Tried the new face change each time you check time but the explanation by facer isn’t clear need help

What are you having trouble with?

Trying to get the faces background to change every time you check the watch , have tried the code you explained on your main page but not as simple as you make it seem , is there any way you can simplify it

To make the background switching watchfaces, we added a lot of image elements, then use wakeRand() to determine which one should show.

For instance, if you have 20 image elements you want to cycle through, you can use this equation on the transparency property:


Each image would use a different = result, i.e. :


Let me know if this helps!

do i click on it to appear on the main screen or on the dim mode as have tried it but not showing different pictures

Yes, but make sure the time machine is running (play button at the bottom) while you change between main & dim mode.