Face Displaying Incorrectly on Watch

Hi All, I’m having an issue where I designed a watch face and finally got it to behave just the way I wanted it to, and then a go and put it on my watch and it isn’t working properly in a number of ways. It has some gray bleeding in on the top and the progress bar doesn’t show up at all. It’s even worse on the watch itself, the 12 in the top middle doesn’t even show up. Any ideas on how to fix it looking different online in the builder vs on the watch?

Hi mate

Your computation for your hour bar at the top has errors try this instead of what you have in the Y field


Tested and working ok.

Now as for the rest i am not sure why you went about the time the way you have but the easier way would of been to just use the #Dht# command for the hour and changed the ones you want by making another exception line that would override what the system names it as in midnight also the minute could equally of been done using #DmT# and again skipping if you dont want all the mins to come up.

Finally i suggest getting rid of the fixed width section on the numbers at the top some watches have a tendency to move things on the screen slightly and if the font is slightly out of the fixed width it just wont show at all.

Hope this helps



Thanks so much for the reply! I’m not all that experienced with programming these watch faces.

I plugged in the formula you suggested for the hour bar, and on my phone/watch it is still not showing up correctly, I still just see a slight grey bar at the top of my watch screen. If it is the hour progress bar sitting up there, it doesn’t appear to be showing the right progress for the current time either… Is it common that a face doesn’t quite look/work the same on the watch as it does on the webapp builder?

So I believe the reason I did the hours the way I did was because I couldn’t figure out any other way to make it round ahead to the next hour when it was at the 58 minute mark, and that is what I wanted to have happen since that’s how people round off time to the nearest 5. I’m all for simpler for sure, is there a way I can use the #Dht# command and still have it read THREE, when the actual time is 2:58 (for example)?

Would you be able to expound a little on how I could use #DmT# to show the minutes rounded to the nearest 5 and then hiding at the top of the hour? I’m not sure how to “skip” when I don’t want all the minutes to come up.

Finally, very good call on the fixed width. I didn’t think about that at all, and that fixed it. Thanks!