Face file size info?

Probably another newbie question here… but is there a way to see the file size of a completed face?

Also, I related question is how does Facer scale down graphics larger than 320px? If my face base png is uploaded at 640px does Facer simply zoom down the file to fit 320, retaining the original file size, or does it actually process/resize the file and save it at 320?

It will be resized automatically to 320x320 from the Facer Software when transmitted.

Do you scale it down before building? I can’t bear to see the loss of resolution when I do that (yet I know it ends up happening anyway) but your designs and details are very crisp so whatever you’re doing seems to work.

No, it‘s scaled by the program itself, i mostly use basic resolutions 1280x1280, other take 960x960, 720x720, some 640x640. The differences in the resulting look are marginal. We already tested it. The resizer works perfect imhO.

Thanks for the info! I figured these have all been explored which is why I asked :slight_smile: I’m full of Facer newbie questions :slight_smile:

My PS template I draw everything in is 2000x2000, for Watchmaker what I found worked best was to scale outputted pngs to 800. Way excessive for the smart watch screen, but the results on screen still look better to me than if I scale them down to 520 before loading them (520 is the WM default max). But one of the very coolest things about Watchmaker is their Live Wallpaper app so you can enjoy functioning wallpaper clocks on the larger screen of your phone or tablet. The higher res graphics really make a difference then.

For the Montblanc entries I did my usual 800 since those were literally my first Facer faces. But for the last couple I published I scaled to 640 first and they look just as clear.

So what about total face file size, is it possible to see that info?

Nope. Not as far as i know. I only can tell you that watch faces with over 100 layers work fine in facer and on smartwatches. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was told by officials that the Facer crew sometimes use some of my watch faces for performance tests. They call it „Gaussian worst case scenarios“.