Face lagging, time stucks

Why the faces are lagging ?
I mean when i turn on the display with the wrist the time is still stuck on the previous display time for a sec and then goes to the actual time .
I have the premium facer .
Can i do something ,is it just for me or its a common problem?

It is a known issue that is hopefully being worked on sorry.

Your watch face on Facer is a third-party app. It doesn’t run in the background and has to update when the watch wakes up. The slower the little computer is in your watch, the more lag time you will notice. I’ve seen that same thing on older Samsung watches with the Galaxy stock faces act like that, but to a lesser degree. It is an issue that can’t be fixed by Facer until every watch manufacturer gives 3rd party watch face apps the same privileges, they give their own watch faces.

Ok i get it but is a big issue .

The display stays on for 4 sec and the delay is about 1 sec so the time you have to see the display is very short plus when you are driving for example this getting worse because you want to see the time immediately .

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The one thing you can do to help is to turn your watch off every time you charge it. That way it will get restarted often and have its ram memory cleared. I do that with all my watches and don’t really have much of an issue with them.

That is just not true. Timeflik is also a thrid party app and doesn’t have any problems running in the background or freezing time until you wake the watch. This is a Facer only problem as far i’ve seen.

Timeflik may be programmed to run in the background, Facer isn’t. The only way it does is when you are using AOD then it updates once a minute. If I may suggest, contact @Facer_Official at: https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/requests/new or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com They will want you to include the watch brand and model number, the operating system version plus the Facer app version you have. Also include a detailed explanation of the issue you are having so they can investigate what might be going on.

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This maybe an old thread but I have found major issues with Facer and a Samsung Watch 4. The time will lag and as the OP stated, it can be a number of seconds before the current time is shown when opening the display. I don’t use AOD so whenever I open the watch it will display the previous time for around 5 seconds. Worse than that, I often find the face has to re-build, re-assemble etc. and this can cause a delay of 15 to 20 seconds. Not really acceptable when all you want is the time.
I have studied this for a while and what has improved the issue for me is disabling a number of apps I don’t use on the watch, for example, calendar, messaging, bixby.agent, maps and probably most important, Google Assistant. I don’t need any of these on my watch and they can’t be uninstalled either. I have all these apps on my phone if I need them.

So, to disable them and test for yourself you can use ADB and Wi-Fi Debugging after you have connected to the watch with Wi-Fi but as an example:

Switch on W-iFi debugging in Developer settings.

adb connect 192.168.xx.xxx (the ip address of your watch as shown in Wi-Fi Debugging)
adb devices
adb shell
pm list packages (displays a list of all installed apps/packages)

Only disable apps/packages that you totally understand their function.

You can then disable (or enable) the apps you don’t need on your watch, for example:
pm disable-user --user 0 com.google.android.apps.maps
pm disable-user --user 0 com.samsung.android.bixby.agent
pm disable-user --user 0 com.google.android.wearable.assistant

and to re-enable a previous disabled app:
pm enable --user 0 com.samsung.android.calendar

I am still testing, but no lag so far after disabling all the apps I don’t need on the watch.
I also deleted cache from the watch’s Recovery menu but you can search YT on how to do that.

I hope this helps someone.