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Face lagging, time stucks

Why the faces are lagging ?
I mean when i turn on the display with the wrist the time is still stuck on the previous display time for a sec and then goes to the actual time .
I have the premium facer .
Can i do something ,is it just for me or its a common problem?

It is a known issue that is hopefully being worked on sorry.

Your watch face on Facer is a third-party app. It doesn’t run in the background and has to update when the watch wakes up. The slower the little computer is in your watch, the more lag time you will notice. I’ve seen that same thing on older Samsung watches with the Galaxy stock faces act like that, but to a lesser degree. It is an issue that can’t be fixed by Facer until every watch manufacturer gives 3rd party watch face apps the same privileges, they give their own watch faces.

Ok i get it but is a big issue .

The display stays on for 4 sec and the delay is about 1 sec so the time you have to see the display is very short plus when you are driving for example this getting worse because you want to see the time immediately .

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The one thing you can do to help is to turn your watch off every time you charge it. That way it will get restarted often and have its ram memory cleared. I do that with all my watches and don’t really have much of an issue with them.