Face name does not update in app

I duplicated a face and edited the copy, but the name does not change in the app. what should I do?

Note: On the website the name updates.

Web image

App image

Solved | After publishing the face, the name updated, but in the draft, it continued with the old name

I just had this problem with a watch line I am developing. there are four faces that I published one after another when they were done. But on face #2 the original name stuck - couldn’t change it. The original background image which I hated wouldn’t update even though I republished 4 or 5 times. In the app, the background of this face was just plain white and wouldn’t update.

Ultimately I copied the description and killed the face. Recreated the face with all my new PhotoShop components, re-published, pasted back my description and the title. Now it’s fine. hehe… go figure.


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Exatly @jmorga106, I had to publish 2 times.

Same with me, but I don’t want to publish it just yet. The old name just sticks with the faces.

I had this issue in the last days, which leads me to believe this is still an issue that Facer has not corrected. In some areas the watch looks updated but in others it doesn’t. Syncing to my watch doesn’t take the updated changes either. In whatever code base Facer uses, the new watch doesn’t seem to be over-righting the old data after a re-publish event.

Hi @tcorneliusart - is that on your own watch face designs? or somebody else’s?

This was my design, I published a face with a default font, then went back in, changed the font and re-published. The preview looked good after re-publishing and even the thumbnail in the app had updated to show the change. But when I selected the thumbnail in the app, the details screen for the face showed the old font and syncing the face to my watch, it still contained the old font.

Thanks @tcorneliusart - what type of watch are you using?

Samsung Gear s3

@Facer_Official any update on why when I make an update in the creator, it does not appear in the Facer mobile app?